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I stayed home. I stayed home Be safe Your Business

I stayed home. I stayed home. On Friday night, we needed things. Outside, everything was still there: incredible, a miracle. The sun was setting. I walked to a nearby market for groceries, passing a group of six or seven people who were standing outside an apartment building, chattering happily. “Wait,” one said. “Is he hot?” I passed a couple my age, arms locked and heads bent together, singing quietly and dancing a slow, theatrical shuffle down the block. By the market, a newly opened restaurant was well lit and bustling. At one table, a dozen people, maybe an intergenerational family, we're celebrating.

The market was well stocked and not busy. The abundance was startling. There were baskets of citrus, shelves of cereal, tubs of onions and sprouting garlic. I circumvented  Business News the produce as if it were poisonous. After each customer had paid and left, the cashier pulled a fresh disinfectant wipe from a nearby tube and rubbed everything down: the register, the counter, the credit-card reader. Even with this measure, the mundane point-of-sale ritual––handing over my card, signing the receipt, nestling everything into an ill-sized tote bag––felt reassuring. On the walk back, I passed a jogger in a reflective vest. A delivery-app courier exited a white minivan, walked up the steps of a crisply painted Victorian, and deposited a bag of food on the porch.

I wanted to know what our neighbours were doing. Amazon, via a module advertising “trending items” near me, offered a strange and slanted perspective: disinfectant Press Release Distribution Services Business News wipes, cough-and-cold medication, barbecue-flavoured seed mix. A friend in Los Angeles e-mailed to say that he was cancelling his wedding. A friend in New Orleans, a public defender, posted an Instagram story soliciting donations to help his incarcerated clients post bail and buy commissary soap. Friends in New York announced the temporary closures of their restaurants; friends in Point Reyes announced the temporary closure of their bookstore. Brushing my teeth, I watched a trio of ants making their way across the edge of the shower. Don’t they know? I thought, deranged.
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