AOC boss' startling public scolding for Palaszczuk

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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been forced into a backflip and volition present be the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, pursuing an awkward speech with Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates.

After Brisbane was awarded the 2032 Games, Coates publically insisted that Palaszczuk be the opening ceremonial successful Tokyo. Palaszczuk confirmed that she would be contempt a anterior assurance that she would not, claiming that she did not privation to offend either Japan oregon the IOC.


Coates was accused of 'mansplaining' the concern to the premier.

"You are going to the opening ceremony," helium told Palaszczuk straight astatine a property league successful Tokyo.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and President of the Australian Olympic Committee John Coates. (Getty)

"There volition beryllium an opening and a closing ceremonial successful 2032 and each of you, everyone there, has got to recognize the accepted parts of that, what's progressive successful an opening ceremony. None of you are staying location and going to beryllium sitting successful your room.

"You've ne'er been to an opening ceremony. You don't cognize the protocols and I deliberation it's a precise important acquisition for everyone present – opening ceremonies outgo successful the bid of $75 to $100 million.

"My precise beardown proposal is the Premier and the Lord Mayor and the Minister beryllium determination and recognize it."

Palaszczuk said that she would travel Coates' advice. She antecedently insisted that she indispensable question to Tokyo to unafraid votes for the 2032 Games, despite controversy owed to ongoing Australian COVID-19 lockdowns and question restrictions, but claimed that she would fundamentally alert successful and out.

"John Coates was laying down the instrumentality past night," she told ABC vigor connected Thursday aft the opening ceremonial exchange.

"We are present a portion of the IOC household and I volition bash what John Coates says."

IOC President Thomas Bach and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk during a property league confirming the Brisbane 2032 Olympics. (dpa/picture confederation via Getty I)

The exchange, which was punctuated by awkward silences arsenic Coates efficaciously issued orders to Palaszczuk, was branded "mansplaining" by high-profile ABC writer Louise Milligan; a starring newsman connected women's issues.

"Is it conscionable maine oregon has mansplaining someway got adjacent worse lately?" she wrote connected Twitter, arsenic a caption to a video of the Coates and Palaszczuk exchange.

Fellow ABC writer Annabel Crabb wrote: "This is simply a diamond-perfect lawsuit of a antheral who believes his ain occupation and priorities and worldview are cosmopolitan and different person's nonaccomplishment to follow them unquestioningly is grounds of stupidity oregon incomprehension connected her part. Amazing to spot it performed truthful publicly."

Former Socceroos skipper Craig Foster wrote: "Top of the medal tally successful misogyny."

Actor and media property Magda Szubanski wrote: "John Coates behaviour is waaaay past awkward and a loooong mode into thuggish."

Coates is besides the vice-president of the Australian Olympic Committee. He has been the AOC brag for 31 years.

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