Biden Dares Republican Governors To Sue Him On Vaccine Mandate

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President Biden told Republican governors to person astatine it and writer him implicit his caller vaccine requirements.


Biden tells Republican governors to "have astatine it," and writer him implicit his vaccine requirements. He past takes the Republican governors to task for playing games.


The President was asked astir Republican governors threatening to writer him implicit his vaccine mandates, and helium answered:

Have astatine it. Look. I americium truthful disappointed. Particularly that immoderate of the Republican governors person been so cavalier with the wellness of these kids, truthful cavalier with the wellness of their communities. This is, we are playing for existent here. This isn’t a game, and I don’t cognize of immoderate idiosyncratic retired determination who doesn’t deliberation it makes sizeable consciousness to bash the six things that I suggested.

And, fto maine reason with this. I anticipation a acquisition students can unlearn is that, authorities does nothaveto beryllium this way. Politics does not person to beryllium this way. They are going successful an environment wherever they spot it is similar a war. Like a bitter feud. If a Democrat says right everybody says left. I mean, it is not however we are arsenic a nation. It is not however we bushed each other situation successful history. We person to travel together. I deliberation that the immense majority, look astatine the polling data. The immense bulk of the American people cognize that we haveto do these things. They are hard but necessary. We are going to get them done. 

Biden is doing what Trump and the Republicans person refused to do. He is doing his occupation and protecting the American people. The six points that President Biden laid retired yesterday volition pb to much vaccinations, and much vaccinations mean little COVID and much mean successful our lives.

Republicans tin writer President Biden, and they volition lose. 

In the meantime, Biden’s actions mean that much Americans volition beryllium vaccinated, and radical volition beryllium safer.

Little by little, the Republican decease cult is being minimized into obscurity.

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