Biden Says Nixing Filibuster Would Throw Congress ‘Into Chaos’

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Politics|Biden says ditching the filibuster would propulsion Congress ‘into chaos’ and pb to gridlock.

President Biden participates successful  a municipality  hallway  hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon astatine  Mount St. Joseph University successful  Cincinnati, connected  Wednesday.
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Annie Karni

  • July 21, 2021, 9:47 p.m. ET

President Biden connected Wednesday nighttime defended the filibuster, a procedural maneuver that stands to clasp up overmuch of his docket successful the Senate, adjacent arsenic helium reiterated that helium viewed it arsenic a relic of Jim Crow.

“There’s nary crushed to support it different than you’re going to propulsion the full Congress into chaos and thing volition get done,” helium said astatine a CNN Town Hall successful Cincinnati. “Nothing astatine each volition get done.”

Mr. Biden said determination was excessively overmuch astatine involvement to hazard that level of “chaos” that a combat implicit the filibuster would ignite, including voting rights authorities helium inactive wants to spot passed. He besides said waging a warfare against the filibuster would play into the hands of Republicans seeking to clasp up his agenda. “Wouldn’t my friends connected the different broadside emotion to person a statement astir the filibuster alternatively of passing the Recovery Act?” helium said.

At his archetypal quality league arsenic president past March, Mr. Biden thrilled progressives who privation to alteration the rules governing the Senate’s signature procedural limb that necessitate a 60-vote supermajority to beforehand a bill. Mr. Biden said the filibuster was “being abused successful a gigantic way.”

That month, helium besides endorsed a instrumentality to what is called the talking filibuster: the request that opponents of authorities beryllium required to inhabit the level and marque their lawsuit against it.

On Wednesday night, helium reiterated his enactment for a instrumentality to the aged signifier but made it wide that helium thought a filibuster combat was lone a distraction.

“I’ve been saying for a long, agelong clip the maltreatment of the filibuster is beauteous overwhelming,” helium said.

But erstwhile it came to passing voting rights legislation, helium added, “I privation to marque definite we bring on not conscionable each the Democrats, we bring on Republicans who I cognize know better. They cognize amended than this. What I don’t privation to bash is get wrapped up close present successful the statement whether oregon not this is each astir the filibuster.”

Mr. Biden rejected the thought that overturning oregon changing the filibuster was the lone mode helium would walk his docket done a divided Congress.

“I’m trying to bring the state together,” helium said. “And I don’t privation the statement to lone beryllium astir whether oregon not we person a filibuster, oregon objection to the filibuster, oregon going backmost to the mode the filibuster had to beryllium utilized before.”

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