BTS is touring again after two years and very happy about it

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(CNN)BTS made a triumphant instrumentality to Los Angeles implicit the weekend.

The planetary sensation kicked disconnected their "Permission to Dance" circuit connected Saturday astatine the SoFi Stadium.

Thousands of the K-pop group's fans, who telephone themselves the "Army," packed the stadium to ticker RM, Jin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook dazzle with their creation moves and catchy hits.

    The radical held a property league connected Sunday, which CNN attended, and the South Korean stars said it felt bully to beryllium backmost performing unrecorded aft delays owed to the pandemic.

      "I'm precise blessed that we're having this in-person performance for the archetypal clip successful 2 years. Obviously for the past 2 years, 'ordinary' and 'normal' were nary longer normal, truthful it was a precise bittersweet and hard clip for everybody," V said.

      Suga added that erstwhile helium was connected signifier the time prior, helium recovered himself asking, "Is this truly world oregon is this a dream?"

      Jimin said that the Covid-19 pandemic was hard for the radical and that they tried to transmission that into their music.

      "We felt powerless, we were depressed. We tried to interruption retired of that by doing what we could, releasing our songs 'Dynamite' and 'Butter,' medium 'Be' and 'Permission to Dance.' Again, doing what we tin and trying to find a mode retired of this situation," Jimin said. "We worked hard astatine this due to the fact that we wanted to bring healing and consolation to everyone other who were besides going done hard times and who are besides surviving done these challenges."

      "The information that we received truthful overmuch emotion for these songs that we've created gave america a batch of energy, and we anticipation we tin determination successful this affirmative vigor that we've received successful doing these concerts," Jungkook said.

      The radical was precocious nominated for a Grammy for champion popular duo oregon radical performance, thing Jin said would beryllium an "honor" if they won astatine the ceremonial successful January.

      "We haven't won a Grammy yet, and it would beryllium an grant if we could triumph one," helium said.

      The group's worldwide designation grew successful 2018 with their albums "Love Yourself: Answer" and "Love Yourself: Tear." Their palmy collaboration with Coldplay is 1 of galore -- they've besides scored hits with artists similar Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj and Fall Out Boy.

      As for however the radical stays grounded contempt their tremendous success?

        "We don't effort to acceptable our standards to specify occurrence due to the fact that if you acceptable those standards, it is precise tiring physically and mentally to scope those goals," J-Hope said. "Instead, conscionable trying hard astatine what we bash successful our lives and emotions and staying existent to that. And this yet leads to a batch of success. That's what I'm trying to do. And by doing that trying to enactment existent to ourselves."

        RM echoed those sentiments saying, "There's 100 percent of success, and I'll springiness fifty, fractional to the assemblage ... occurrence is not each ours, and I ever effort to recognize that, and it helps maine support myself down to earth, and I deliberation it's truly important to past successful this brainsick industry."

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