California Moves to Outlaw ‘Stealthing,’ or Removing Condom Without Consent

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Politics|California Moves to Outlaw ‘Stealthing,’ oregon Removing Condom Without Consent

The bill, which the Legislature approved unanimously and which awaits the governor’s signature, would marque it a civilian discourtesy to region a condom during intercourse without a partner’s consent.

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Isabella Grullón Paz

Sept. 10, 2021, 5:27 a.m. ET

The California State Legislature this week approved a measurement that would marque the authorities the archetypal to outlaw stealthing, the enactment of removing a condom during enactment without a partner’s consent.

The bill, which was approved unanimously connected Tuesday, awaits the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, who has until Oct. 10 to motion it into law. A spokesperson for the politician said his bureau did not remark connected pending bills.

If approved, the measurement would amend the state’s civilian explanation of intersexual artillery and marque stealthing a civilian offense, meaning victims could writer their assailants for damages.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia of California, who sponsored the bill, said the measurement would springiness victims different assets to clasp assailants accountable. “It would besides marque it wide that this is not conscionable amoral, but besides illegal,” she said successful an interrogation connected Thursday.

Ms. Garcia, a Democrat, said that she had tried to walk authorities criminalizing stealthing since 2017, erstwhile a Yale University study brought wide attraction to it. But she ran into sizeable opposition.

The measure that was approved this week that would marque stealthing a civilian discourtesy “is a bully archetypal step,” Ms. Garcia said. She said she hoped it would laic the groundwork to yet adhd stealthing to the state’s transgression code.

A survey published successful the National Library of Medicine successful 2019 reported that 12 percent of women said that they had been a unfortunate of stealthing. Another survey that twelvemonth recovered that 10 percent of men admitted to removing their condom during intercourse without their partner’s consent.

Alexandra Brodsky, who wrote the 2017 Yale survey and is the writer of “Sexual Justice,” a publication that addresses assorted forms of organization effect to intersexual harassment and assault, said that the measurement approved this week could bring “political and idiosyncratic power” to victims. She said that it would region immoderate ambiguity surrounding stealthing — which tends to statesman with the consensual enactment of enactment — by defining it arsenic illegal.

“Civil remedies are truly underutilized,” Ms. Brodsky said, adding that the kinds of remedies civilian lawsuits let for are often much utile to victims.

“There are galore survivors who bash not privation to spot the idiosyncratic who wounded them successful situation and could truly usage assistance covering aesculapian indebtedness oregon could usage assistance having the resources to spot a therapist,” Ms. Brodsky said.

She noted that civilian litigation besides had a lower modular of evidence, which could marque it easier for victims to beryllium their cases successful court.

Similar bills connected stealthing person been introduced successful New York and successful Wisconsin, but neither has passed. Ms. Garcia said she hoped that legislatures crossed the state would travel suit.

“It is simply a large week for victims,” she said. “It is simply a large week for discussions astir these issues, and it is simply a large week to speech astir consent.”

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