Cambage under investigation after Opals exit

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Liz Cambage is officially nether probe from Basketball Australia for what has been deemed a "breach of the integrity model and codification of conduct" pursuing her exit from the Opals' Olympic squad past week.

Cambage, a four-time WNBA All-Star and the Opals' champion player, withdrew from the squad past week stating that she needed to "take attraction of [herself] mentally and physically].

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Amid reports of a bid of incidents successful the Opals' campy successful Las Vegas, Basketball Australia confirmed that the 29-year-old was nether probe successful a statement.

"The circumstances surrounding the incidental that occurred during the scrimmage betwixt Nigeria and Australia involving Liz Cambage are presently nether probe for a breach of the integrity model and codification of conduct," the connection read.

Liz Cambage of the Las Vegas Aces and the Opals be an accumulation crippled betwixt Nigeria and the United States up of the Tokyo Olympic Games (Getty)

"As Liz has withdrawn from the Olympic Games owed to intelligence wellness reasons we volition not marque immoderate comments connected the presumption of the probe until the substance is concluded.

"The probe is being managed by Basketball Australia's Integrity Division."

Cambage herself has confirmed that she was progressive successful a carnal altercation during the scrimmage against Nigeria, but suggested that rumours surrounding the incidental had gotten retired of hand.

"Yeah, things got heated successful the Nigeria game," she said. "There was a carnal altercation and determination were words exchanged, but I'm proceeding things that aren't existent astatine all.

"Everything that happened and everything that was said is connected film."

Liz Cambage playing for the Australian Opals astatine the Rio 2016 Olympics. (Getty)

Cambage has besides powerfully denied rumours that she went extracurricular of the Opals' Las Vegas bubble.

"I'm seeing reports I went retired partying. S---. I privation I did!" she said.

"I cognize immoderate of the radical successful Vegas person been having a truly bully clip this week. But I've been successful here, bro. I've been successful here. And the lone clip I near this goddamn bubble was for the All-Star game.

"I don't admit the lies. Don't you ever get sick of lying connected my name. Don't you person thing other amended to speech about?"

The Cambage-less Opals are scheduled to unfastened their Olympic run with a Group C match-up against Belgium connected July 27.

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