Cathie Wood’s ARK Loses Its Patience With Chinese Stocks

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Updated July 14, 2021 9:02 americium ET / Original July 14, 2021 8:50 americium ET

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Cathie Wood

Adrienne Grunwald

ARK Investment Management is famed for investing successful companies whose profits are years if not decades away. But adjacent the growth-focused capitalist has had its patience tested by China’s regulatory crackdown.

In a monthly concern seminar, ARK CEO Cathie Wood discussed a “valuation reset” successful the Chinese tech sector, according to Bloomberg News. “From a valuation constituent of view, these stocks person travel down and again from a valuation constituent of view, astir apt volition stay down,” she said.

On Tuesday, the ARK Innovation ETF sold $25 cardinal worthy of Tencent stock, to instrumentality its holding successful the Chinese net institution down to 0.1% of the portfolio. China’s weighting successful that money is present little than 1% from 8% successful February, and the China weighting successful the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF is the lowest since astatine slightest 2014, according to Bloomberg.

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Wood is hardly the lone overseas capitalist to turn impatient with China. Global money managers successful July moved retired of China-led emerging markets by the astir of immoderate plus class, according to Bank of America’s survey.

China has taken a scope of measures against home tech companies including Alibaba and DiDi Global, successful areas including competition, information privateness and fiscal services.

Even successful a twelvemonth wherever the ARK Innovation ETF has struggled with performance, with the money down astir 2%, it’s inactive drawn successful $6.95 cardinal successful inflows, according to FactSet, which is the eighth highest of immoderate equities exchange-traded fund.

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