Claire McCaskill Tells The DOJ To Get Moving And Prosecute Trump

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Former legislator Claire McCaskill told the D.O.J. to get moving and commencement prosecuting Trump.


Claire McCaskill connected #DeadlineWH tells the Justice Department to determination it and prosecute Trump and his anti-democracy criminals, "Move it. My connection to the Department of Justice is get connected it. Do not enactment similar feds here. Act similar authorities prosecutors, spell fast."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 29, 2021

During a speech connected MSNBC’s Deadline: White House astir the D.O.J. investigating and prosecuting Trump and his anti-democracy gang, McCaskill said:

The Department of Justice is infamous for moving truthful slowly, taking months erstwhile they don’t need to. Think however agelong it took them to make the determination to prosecute Steve Bannon. This was not a hard decision. This was not similar immoderate benignant of extraordinary probe that had to beryllium done. Move it. My connection to the Department of Justice is get connected it. Do not enactment similar feds here. Act similar authorities prosecutors, go fast, bash not instrumentality the clip — don’t springiness the different broadside a month to reply a pleading. Go to the judges. 

We saw this Supreme Court spell quickly erstwhile they wanted to hear the Texas termination lawsuit They rocketed it up, that case. The national judiciary tin bash it if they volition collectively decide, this is an contented about power successful our authorities permanently going forward. And if they don’t get moving, this is each astir moving out the clock. And I accidental to the January 6th committee and D.O.J., get going, guys. Quit stalling and treading. Go. 

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We don’t cognize what the D.O.J. is doing, but each indications suggest that they are not investigating the Trump coup oregon the masterminds of the 1/6 onslaught connected the Capitol. There is nary denotation that they are investigating Trump for predetermination interference successful Georgia.

Time is of the essence, but determination are excessively galore Democrats successful Congress and radical astatine the Department of Justice who are treating the menace to ideology arsenic concern arsenic usual.

McCaskill was right. The clip to enactment is now, and the D.O.J. indispensable rapidly move.

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