Corey Lewandowski: Trump Doesn’t Need to Encourage Supporters to Get Vaccine Because He “Leads by Example”

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There are a fig of reasons wherefore the Republican effect to COVID vaccines person been odd. But thing has been alien than Donald Trump’s reaction. On 1 hand, the erstwhile president wants implicit recognition for the inoculations development. On the other, helium has refused to actively promote those who travel him to get the shot.

During an Fox News interrogation this weekend, Fox News big Howard Kurtz asked Corey Lewandowski astir the hypocrisy. The Trump adjutant brushed disconnected the disapproval saying that Trump leads by example.

Kurtz queried, “The media ne'er truly gave him (Trump) afloat recognition for creating and carrying retired Operation Warp Speed. Why doesn’t helium benignant of assistance implicit this accomplishment by pushing much forcefully for galore unvaccinated Americans, galore of whom enactment him, to spell retired and get the shots?”

Lewandowski responded, “The president has taken the changeable himself. He leads by example. I don’t cognize what much helium tin do. It’s not precisely similar the Biden medication is asking the president to travel retired and beryllium down astatine the White House. Even if helium did, I don’t cognize if President Trump would bash that.”

When pressed, the Trump adjutant continued, “Howie, he’s led by example! He got the shots, he’s been inoculated, he’s told radical to bash it.”

Of course, Trump has spent overmuch much clip questioning the vaccine past promoting it. And the erstwhile president decided to get his changeable down closed doors without telling the nationalist astir it until overmuch later.

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