Court bans Olympic swim cheats from Games

3 months ago 21

An effort astatine cheating to suffice Uzbekistan swimmers for the Tokyo Olympics has been blocked by sport's highest court. World aquatics assemblage FINA denounced Uzbekistan's "nefarious behaviour."

FINA said the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected an entreaty by the Uzbek swimming federation against its refusal to authorise manipulated results from 2 contention meets. They included location racers achieving Olympic qualifying times.

The alleged cheating was alerted by a swimmer from India who took portion successful the 2nd conscionable successful Uzbekistan successful April.

Likith Prema made the claims successful a video. (YouTube)

Likith Prema made the allegations, including that helium was offered bribes by Uzbek officials, successful a movie helium posted online including contention footage and results sheets.

"FINA would besides similar to convey the whistleblowers for their courageousness successful reporting this nefarious behavior," the Switzerland-based governing assemblage said.

FINA promised to "now analyse whether further sanctions should beryllium imposed connected the Uzbekistan Swimming Federation and immoderate different implicated party."

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