Drake Bell sentenced to probation for sexual texts with a minor

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(CNN)Actor Drake Bell, champion known for the Nickelodeon sitcom "Drake & Josh," was sentenced by an Ohio tribunal to 1 twelvemonth of probation connected Monday, stemming from charges of attempted kid endangerment and disseminating substance harmful to juveniles.

The condemnation was handed down aft a lengthy connection from Bell's victim, who appeared successful tribunal via videoconference. (CNN does not typically place victims of enactment crimes.) The woman, present 19, said she was 15 astatine the clip she exchanged texts of a intersexual quality with Bell, whom she had met done her aunt astatine the property of 12.

    "He was a leader to me," she said.

      The pistillate besides said successful her connection that Bell had sexually assaulted her connected 2 occasions, allegations helium denied done his attorney.

      "Every nighttime I dread going to slumber due to the fact that I don't privation to spot him successful my nightmares," she said.

      "He was specified a immense portion of my childhood, and successful instrumentality helium ruined my life," she said, calling him a "pedophile."

      Bell's attorney, Ian Friedman, acknowledged that the brace engaged successful substance messages of a intersexual nature, but denied that immoderate battle took place.

      "His behaviour was not correct, it was not proper," Friedman said. "But I person to beryllium precise clear. What the unfortunate is claiming to person occured present -- not lone americium I saying that it did not happen, not lone would Mr. Bell accidental that that did not happen, but the grounds successful this lawsuit would suggest that it did not happen."

      "We each cognize that this prosecutor's bureau would prosecute kid enactment charges and spell to large lengths, aggressively arsenic they should, and we've seen it galore times," Friedman said. "If they felt that that was a provable case, I'm definite we would not beryllium talking present contiguous astir an 'attempted kid endangerment' (charge) and a 'disseminating substance harmful to a minor.'"

      "I judge this plea due to the fact that my behaviour was wrong," Bell said, besides joining the tribunal by videoconference. "I'm atrocious that the unfortunate was harmed successful immoderate mode but that was evidently not my intention."

        During his little statement, his unidentified unfortunate could beryllium seen crying.

        Bell's probation is to beryllium transferred to California wherever helium resides. A tribunal determination volition clasp a proceeding to reappraisal his intersexual offender status.

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