'Front-runner' for new Collingwood coach revealed

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Former North Melbourne Kangaroos manager Brad Scott has been tipped to beryllium the adjacent manager astatine Collingwood.

According to AFL insider Caroline Wilson, Scott is simply a "front-runner" to regenerate Nathan Buckley aft the Magpies manager stood down from the relation past month.

"Collingwood person surely contacted Craig Kelly, the manager of Brad Scott - presently caput of AFL Victoria astatine the AFL, and besides a frontrunner to regenerate Steve Hocking arsenic the caput of footy astatine the AFL," Wilson said connected Nine's Footy Classified.

"Brad Scott has to marque up his mind, [on] which occupation he's going to spell for.

"My knowing is.. Brad is… well, what I'm proceeding from radical astatine the AFL is that possibly Brad hasn't mislaid the hunger to manager and that determination is each accidental helium volition enactment himself into the process for the Collingwood Football club, and if helium does I reckon he'd beryllium a precise bully accidental to get that job."

Nathan Buckley (Getty)

"He enjoyed moving astatine Collingwood, moving nether Mick Malthouse, he's got a large narration with the footy cub, helium doesn't person the doubts astir the nine astatine each with the issues going connected determination that others have, truthful it's going to beryllium intriguing to spot what helium chooses to do," Wilson added.

Former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire agreed that Scott was held successful precocious respect astatine the club, but disagreed that immoderate imaginable manager campaigner would person reservations amid a turbulent twelvemonth for the Magpies.

"He's precise good respected astatine Collingwood from his clip backmost determination successful 2009," McGuire said.

"I deliberation the nine is going good capable that they'll accidental who they privation and that idiosyncratic volition astir apt accidental yes.

"I don't deliberation there's immoderate worries if you're going to manager Collingwood."

Don Pyke, Mark Williams and Andrew Voss person each besides been linked to the Collingwood job.

"I don't cognize if Brad's been spoken to but I cognize the nine person said they privation to speech to Brad Scott," Wilson said.

"If I had to prime a front-runner, I would accidental [it's Brad Scott]."

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