Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: Jack Dorsey’s departure from Twitter is “bullish for crypto”

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  • Dorsey, besides the CEO of payments steadfast Square, stepped down connected Monday

  • Tom Lee says its radical similar Dorsey who tin marshal enactment for crypto innovation

  • Square has progressively acceptable itself arsenic a pro-Bitcoin firm, including unveiling plans for a bitcoin decentralised exchange

Jack Dorsey’s determination to exit Twitter arsenic the firm’s CEO could extremity up benefiting cryptocurrency, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder and managing spouse Tom Lee has said.

Dorsey, who stepped down connected Monday and plans to absorption connected payments steadfast Square, is besides a vocal protagonist of crypto (more truthful the pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC)).

Notably, it’s Square that mightiness beryllium astatine the halfway of Dorsey’s absorption connected crypto and Bitcoin innovation, an outlook that sees Lee opine that the ex-Twitter CEO’s exit is bullish for cryptocurrency.

Lee notes that the crypto abstraction doesn’t person “enough superior really allocated toward crypto innovation.” During an interrogation with CNBC’s “Tech Check”, the Fundstrat main explained that its radical similar Dorsey person the capableness to truly put and marshal enactment for broader crypto development.

Jack Dorsey's departure bullish for #bitcoin?

.@fundstrat: "there isn't capable superior allocated toward crypto innovation, truthful it takes ppl similar Jack Dorsey to truly marshal absorption and I don't deliberation the abstraction is overinvested yet"

— Deirdre Bosa (@dee_bosa) November 29, 2021

Square taking steps towards crypto innovation

Square, MicroStrategy and Tesla are 3 of Wall Street’s biggest bitcoin-invested companies, with the summation of BTC connected the firm’s equilibrium expanse contributing to increased revenues amid rocketing prices. But that’s not all.

Square’s absorption connected making it easier for radical to put and walk their BTC has been gaining traction lately and could accelerate present that Dorsey could beryllium afloat immersed astatine the company.

In July, the payments steadfast announced plans to person the Bitcoin web enactment with decentralised concern (DeFi) applications. In October, Dorsey revealed that the level was considering mounting up a star Bitcoin mining operation.

Other than that, Square announced successful June that it was moving connected a Bitcoin hardware wallet targeted astatine organization investors and is successful the process of processing a decentralised speech (DEX) arsenic elaborate successful a precocious released whitepaper.

The spike successful crypto involvement has been driven by large developments successful the DeFi, NFTs, and presently Metaverse sectors. Yet, Lee thinks Square’s Dorsey could bash adjacent more, telling CNBC that helium doesn’t judge the burgeoning cryptocurrency assemblage “is over-invested yet.”  

Lee’s position resonates with that of GK ETF laminitis and CEO Ross Gerber, who besides believes Dorsey’s resignation from Twitter makes consciousness and could beryllium beneficial to Square Inc.

Looks similar @jack is each successful connected crypto and square. Leaving twitter arsenic it’s benignant of a nightmare to run. Makes consciousness and bully for $SQ$twtr

— Ross Gerber (@GerberKawasaki) November 29, 2021

According to Lee, cryptocurrency provides for the “intersection of fiscal services and technology,” which means it perchance touches connected “literally 60% of the economy.”

Meanwhile, the Fundstrat exec sees Black Friday’s markets sell-off arsenic “horrific” and a massacre mostly driven by panic selling. The downside was besides heightened by the shortened trading time successful the equities markets. But helium notes that it offered a model of accidental to investors.

Bitcoin is trading astir $56,986 astatine the clip of writing, astir 1.3% down connected the time and astir 18% disconnected since reaching its all-time highest of $69,044 connected 10 November.

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