Gillian Anderson says she's had it with bras -- 'I don't care if my breasts reach my belly button'

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Written by Rob Picheta, CNN

Gillian Anderson says she is "not wearing a bra anymore," telling fans: "I don't attraction if my breasts scope my belly button."

"The Crown" histrion told followers during a unrecorded question and reply league connected Instagram: "I'm truthful lazy and I don't deterioration a bra immoderate more. I can't deterioration a bra. I'm sorry, I don't attraction if I scope my belly button, my breasts scope my belly button, I'm not wearing a bra anymore."

The US-British histrion concluded with a damning verdict of the undergarment, saying: "It's conscionable excessively f**king uncomfortable."

Anderson, the erstwhile "X-Files" prima whose relation arsenic a forthright enactment therapist successful the Netflix bid "Sex Education" earned her scores of caller fans, was answering a question from a instrumentality astir what outfits she wore during lockdown.

Her remark was picked up by a fig of fans connected societal media, with one viral tweet declaring: "If 2 clip Golden Globe and Emmy winning histrion Gillian Anderson says nary much bras, who are we to disagree."

Anderson with Asa Butterfield successful  'Sex Education'

Anderson with Asa Butterfield successful 'Sex Education'

Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix/May 25 Ep 1-55.dng/Sam Taylor/Netflix

Writer and societal campaigner Nicky Clark praised Anderson successful an sentiment file for British paper The Independent, writing: "I applaud Gillian Anderson's cognition to sagging breasts -- it highlights our love-hate narration with an point of covering that is supposedly bully for us, without needfully being bully to us."

Anderson won a Golden Globe earlier this twelvemonth for champion supporting histrion successful a TV series, for her relation arsenic Margaret Thatcher successful Netflix's "The Crown."

And she often demonstrates a relaxed cognition to the quality form. Anderson is well-known among followers for sharing suggestive imagery connected her Instagram page, alongside the hashtags #PenisoftheDay and #BoobiesoftheDay.

She has been formed arsenic Eleanor Roosevelt successful the upcoming Showtime Series "The First Lady."

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