Is Virgin Galactic Stock A Buy Following Richard Branson's Flight?

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Virgin Galactic (SPCE) launched founder Richard Branson into abstraction connected July 11, up of Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos. So, is SPCE banal a bully buy? For the answer, instrumentality a look astatine the abstraction company's net and banal chart.


The July 11 trial formation not lone means the company's billionaire laminitis bushed Bezos to space, but it's besides important to the commencement of commercialized service. The formation evaluated the lawsuit compartment with a afloat crew, demonstrated the conditions for conducting human-tended experiments, and confirmed that the grooming programme astatine Spaceport America supports spaceflight.

Virgin Galactic has 2 much flights, including 1 with the Italian Air Force, to adjacent retired its trial program. It plans to commencement commercialized work successful aboriginal 2022.

Virgin Galactic has lined up further technological probe flights, different cardinal gross watercourse for the commercialized abstraction company. A researcher for the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences volition behaviour experiments with caller healthcare technologies during a abstraction formation that could hap arsenic aboriginal arsenic adjacent year. A aboriginal NASA-funded probe ngo volition see a planetary scientist. So far, it is unclear however overmuch each spot connected the probe flights volition cost.

On July 12, Virgin Galactic filed a regulatory announcement that it plans to merchantability up to $500 cardinal successful stock.

Virgin Galactic Stock Fundamental Analysis

SPCE banal debuted connected the NYSE connected Oct. 28 2019, becoming the archetypal publically traded commercialized abstraction tourism institution aft a reverse merger with Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings.

But it is inactive not flying paying passengers to the borderline of abstraction yet, truthful determination is nary gross coming successful and losses are piling up.

On May 10, Virgin Galactic reported a Q1 per-share nonaccomplishment of 55 cents, missing Wall Street expectations for a nonaccomplishment of 31 cents a stock and widening from 30 cents a twelvemonth ago, connected nary revenue.

Available currency slipped to $617 cardinal from $666 cardinal successful Q4. The institution expects escaped currency outflow to worsen to $60 cardinal successful Q2 from $50 cardinal successful Q1.

Virgin Galactic volition study Q2 results aft the marketplace closes connected August 5.

While the institution began arsenic a abstraction tourism company, analysts person besides noted Virgin Galactic's imaginable successful hypersonic point-to-point travel, by utilizing its abstraction level to instrumentality passengers crossed continents successful a fraction of the clip it takes today.

Virgin is partnering with Boeing (BA), whose task superior limb HorizonX has a $20 cardinal number involvement successful Virgin Galactic, successful high-speed travel.

Virgin Galactic said successful February 2020 that it sees a "huge opportunity" to use high-speed planetary mobility technology to trim question time. Then-CEO Whitesides told CNBC astatine that clip the institution wants to integrate its conveyance into nationalist airspace systems, allowing it to onshore astatine airports and nexus to section transport networks.

But Wall Street, which erstwhile had each bargain ratings connected SPCE stock, has turned much bearish connected the company. Bank of America lowered Virgin Galactic banal to underperform connected June 30, noting that the premium already priced into the banal is apt to diminution arsenic much abstraction tourism companies spell public.

More Space SPACs Ahead

Investors successful Virgin Galactic banal could soon get different enactment to put successful space. Founder Richard Branson has hired Credit Suisse Group AG and LionTree LLC to find a peculiar intent acquisition institution (SPAC) to instrumentality it public, sources told the Wall Street Journal successful mid-March.

The quality came arsenic Virgin Orbit, a spinoff of Virgin Galactic, launched 10 satellites into abstraction connected Jan. 17 aft a cardinal trial formation stumbled successful May. Virgin Orbit uses Cosmic Girl, a modified Boeing 747, to instrumentality the LauncherOne rocket to an altitude of 35,000 feet, wherever it is released and ignited to proceed connected to space.

Virgin Orbit and Virgin Galactic were divided successful 2017 truthful Virgin Orbit could absorption connected low-cost motorboat services for tiny satellites for the U.S. subject and different customers. It already has a $35 cardinal three-launch woody with the Space Force and is moving with the Air Force connected launches from Guam.

The abstraction assemblage is becoming progressively much crowded, with much opportunities for investors extracurricular of Virgin Galactic arsenic blank cheque companies program to instrumentality Rocket Lab, Spire Global, and others public.

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SPCE Stock Technical Analysis

Shares are gathering a heavy cup-with-handle basal with a 57.61 bargain constituent but tested the 50-day line amid the caller sell-off. After diving for 4 consecutive sessions, SPCE banal rebounded, staying supra the cardinal enactment level.

Virgin Galactic(Steve Mann/

Virgin Galactic has an IBD Composite Rating of 46 retired of a best-possible 99. The cardinal standing combines five different IBD banal ratings. The banal besides has a mediocre 44 EPS Rating.

The comparative spot enactment spiked aft the completion of the trial formation successful May.

The banal has an Accumulation/Distribution standing of C-, indicating much selling than buying by organization investors.

Virgin Galactic banal is ranked No. 20 successful IBD's Aerospace/Defense Group.

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Key Investors Unload SPCE Stock

Cathie Wood's speech traded funds launched a monolithic sell-off of Virgin Galactic shares successful precocious March.

ARKX Space Exploration (ARKX) began with 672,000 shares backmost successful March dumped each Virgin Galactic banal by May. Her ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics (ARKQ) ETF sold 1.65 cardinal shares during May and nary longer has a position.

Branson sold astir $150 cardinal worthy of shares, astir 2.5% of the abstraction tourism company, successful mid-April, according to a caller regulatory filing.

In aboriginal March, Chamath Palihapitiya, the president of Virgin Galactic, tweeted that helium sold his 6.2 million-share idiosyncratic stake. The banal was worthy astir $213 million. But helium inactive owns 15.8 cardinal shares via his peculiar intent acquisition company, Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings, which took SPCE banal public.

Ramp To Commercial Service

Virgin Galactic unveiled its SpaceShip III spaceplane successful precocious March. The spaceplane volition acquisition its ain formation trial program. Then SpaceShipTwo, the WhiteKnightTwo mothership, and SpaceShipThree volition acquisition attraction oregon improvement.

Virgin Galactic Cabin(Virgin Galactic)

Branson's July 11 formation showed disconnected the interior of SpaceShipTwo. Aluminum and carbon-fiber seats are individually sized and the cloth was created by Under Armour (UAA), which besides designed Virgin Galactic's spacesuits. A ample reflector successful the backmost of the compartment allows astronauts to spot themselves weightless during flight. The compartment besides features 17 windows and 16 cameras.

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Virgin Galactic's Space Ambitions With NASA

While making strides successful commercialized abstraction tourism, the institution has besides been engaged racking up deals with NASA. In June 2020, Virgin announced an statement with the abstraction bureau to create an astronaut grooming program. SPCE banal jumped connected the news.

Under the deal, the institution volition "develop a caller backstage orbital astronaut readiness program" for customers looking to spell to the International Space Station. Virgin besides volition find customers that privation to bargain astronaut missions to the station, publication proscription to the ISS and execute on-orbit and crushed resources tasks.

Last May, Virgin Galactic announced a abstracted woody with NASA to assistance make a sustainable high-Mach supersonic aircraft.

NASA, which besides performs aeronautics research, has been moving connected a high-Mach flight, 1 that doesn't nutrient a sonic boom, nether its Supersonic X-59 programme with Lockheed Martin (LMT) Skunk Works. Such exertion could marque supersonic rider work much feasible.

Virgin Galactic is eyeing that imaginable marketplace too. In August, it signed a memorandum of knowing with Rolls-Royce to collaborate successful designing and processing motor propulsion exertion for Mach 3 commercialized aircraft. Rolls-Royce built the motor for the Concorde, which flew astatine Mach 2.

The Rolls-Royce announcement included an archetypal plan conception of the aircraft, which could transportation 9 to 19 passengers and alert astatine an altitude supra 60,000 feet. Management has said that a Mach 3 craft has the imaginable for travelers to bash a circular travel successful 1 time betwixt 85% of the astir often traveled planetary metropolis pairs.

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Management Shake-Up

On March 5, erstwhile CEO George Whitesides announced helium was stepping down from his relation arsenic main abstraction serviceman little than a twelvemonth aft the presumption was formed.

Whiteside's departure isn't the lone caller absorption alteration for Virgin Galactic. CFO Jon Campagna stepped down connected March 1 and was replaced by Doug Ahrens, who had served arsenic CFO of chipmaker Mellanox.

Virgin Galactic named Swami Iyer arsenic president of aerospace systems and Stephen Justice arsenic vice president of engineering. Justice antecedently worked astatine Lockheed's apical concealed Skunk Works probe facility.

And successful July 2020, Virgin Galactic appointed Michael Colglazier arsenic the caller CEO. In his erstwhile relation arsenic president of Disney (DIS) Parks International, Colglazier was liable for operations, strategy, and commercialized and experiential improvement of the company's parks and resorts.

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Is SPCE Stock A Buy?

While IBD typically advises investors to absorption connected companies with beardown net growth, recently nationalist companies tin besides merit attraction if they amusement beardown gross growth. Virgin Galactic, however, has neither.

While it has NASA contracts nether its loop and its powered trial formation reached space, commercialized work has been delayed until 2022. SPCE banal is not successful bargain range, yet.

Bottom line: Virgin Galactic banal is not a bargain nether CAN SLIM criteria and it is not yet successful a bargain zone.

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