'Kate' fires off a Netflix action movie that looks D.O.A. in more ways than one

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Miku Martineau successful  the Netflix movie   'Kate.'

(CNN)Someone indispensable beryllium watching Netflix's parade of mindless thrillers similar "Kate" (never caput why), but adjacent allowing for that, it's hard to ideate a much bare-boned crippled arsenic excuses for stylized unit go. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the movie's eponymous pistillate assassin, successful a mash-up loaded with old-movie ammunition that inactive comes distant firing blanks.

Aside from Winstead's caller relation arsenic Huntress successful the "Harley Quinn" movie, the astir evident constituent of notation would beryllium "D.O.A.," the 1950 movie noir starring Edmond O'Brien (subsequently remade with Dennis Quaid) successful which a fatally poisoned antheral spends his remaining hours trying to unravel the enigma of who killed him.

In akin fashion, Kate -- a Tokyo-based slayer for prosecute -- ingests a slow-acting poison, giving her a time to way down who was responsible, slashing and shooting her mode done overmuch of Japan. She delivers the atrocious quality to the brag who raised her, played by Woody Harrelson, who tin play this benignant of appealing hitman successful his sleep.

    Kate's hunt for those down her demise brings her into interaction with a teenage miss (newcomer Miku Martineau) who is the granddaughter of a mob boss, and arsenic written proves annoying adjacent by the standards of teenagers successful these benignant of movies. There's a pinch of "The Professional" and much precocious Netflix's considerably amended "Gunpowder Milkshake" successful their killer-kid bonding, which doesn't person overmuch clip to make with truthful overmuch harm to beryllium done earlier Kate's information becomes unmanageable.

      Under the stewardship of French manager Cedric Nicolas-Troyan ("The Huntsman: Winter's War"), a movie similar this yet boils down to the prime of the action, and it's some plentiful and peculiarly bloody. Kate absorbs an tremendous magnitude of punishment and dishes retired acold more, utilizing guns, knives, fists and erstwhile pressed communal room appliances.

      Still, there's not overmuch enigma successful the "why" of it all, and nary a bushed that doesn't consciousness astir wholly predictable. The movie frankincense becomes 1 agelong bout of unit for its ain sake, with the inevitability of Kate's destiny lone further detracting from immoderate suspense astir wherever the communicative is heading.

      Netflix's accent connected providing archetypal movies has of precocious included a dependable fare of forgettable thrillers with high-profile leads, including "Sweet Girl" and "Beckett," starring Jason Momoa and John David Washington, respectively.

        Look, we get it, radical are looking for caller worldly to watch, mindless escapism included. Still, successful presumption of immoderate benignant of inspiration oregon originality, "Kate," the movie, is each spot arsenic D.O.A. arsenic Kate, the character.

        "Kate" premieres Sept. 10 successful prime US theaters and connected Netflix. It's rated R.

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