Matt Damon's teen daughter is one of his biggest critics

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(CNN)Matt Damon's teenage girl refuses to ticker immoderate of his movies that mightiness amusement disconnected his acting ability, helium says.

In promoting his caller film, "Stillwater," the 50-year-old histrion shared that his 15-year-old girl Isabella refuses to ticker "Good Will Hunting" due to the fact that she thinks helium whitethorn beryllium bully successful it.

She besides likes to springiness him crap astir his career, Damon said.

    "My girl said, 'Hey retrieve that movie you did, "The Wall?" I said, 'It was called "The Great Wall,"'" helium told "CBS Sunday Morning." "She goes, 'Dad, determination was thing large astir that movie.'

      "She keeps my feet firmly connected the ground."

        Despite the teasing, Damon -- who successful his latest movie plays an Oklahoma lipid rig idiosyncratic whose girl gets into occupation successful France -- is blessed Isabella and his different children recognize however passionate helium is astir his work.

        "I similar that they cognize that I emotion my job," Damon said. "They cognize it's time-consuming and a batch of enactment and that it fills maine up."

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