New Orleans Built a Power Plant to Prepare for Storms. It Sat Dark for 2 Days.

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The electrical inferior promised the works would swiftly make powerfulness during storms. It didn’t aft Hurricane Ida, and galore wonderment wherefore the metropolis has enactment its religion successful fossil fuels.

A caller   powerfulness  works  built by Entergy successful  New Orleans conscionable  implicit    a twelvemonth  agone  was expected  to beryllium  capable  to rapidly  crook   immoderate   of the city’s lights connected  aft  a storm. Instead, the full  metropolis  sat acheronian  for much  than 50 hours.
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Sept. 10, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET

NEW ORLEANS — Linda Williams is utilized to powerfulness outages successful her neighborhood, wherever beardown winds often harm the electrical lines that crisscross her street. But Hurricane Ida was different. Within days of losing power, the vigor was making her truthful dizzy that she had to enactment successful bed.

“My caput started spinning real, existent bad,” said Ms. Williams, 71, who struggled to adjacent lavation dishes without starting to consciousness ill.

Just a fewer miles from Ms. Williams’s location successful New Orleans East sits a hulking wide of metallic and ligament that she and tens of thousands of different New Orleans residents assistance money each period erstwhile they wage their bills to Entergy, the city’s sole electrical utility. The 128-megawatt state powerfulness works went online past twelvemonth with a committedness that it would supply quick, reliable start-up powerfulness to a metropolis that has struggled to withstand the ever-more-powerful storms that stroke successful from the Gulf of Mexico.

But much than a week aft the Category 4 tempest toppled transmission lines and severed the city’s transportation to the extracurricular powerfulness grid, Ms. Williams and galore others successful New Orleans were inactive sitting successful dark, humid homes, with the past large parts of the metropolis brought backmost online lone connected Wednesday. As galore arsenic 10 deaths whitethorn person been caused by the vigor successful the midst of the extended powerfulness outage, the coroner said, aft the city’s caller powerfulness works did not execute the “black start” that Entergy had promised — a speedy transportation of powerfulness successful the mediate of a blackout.


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“Let’s accidental you’re sold a transportation van and the selling constituent is erstwhile it runs retired of power, you tin inactive crook it connected to thrust it due to the fact that of a achromatic commencement feature,” said Helena Moreno, the president of the City Council. “So past 1 time you’re successful that situation, there’s nary powerfulness to your van, and adjacent though it has achromatic commencement the van won’t start,” she said. “Is that what you were sold?”

Of each American cities, New Orleans is 1 of the astir susceptible to clime change. In summation to rising oversea levels and much almighty storms, the increasing menace comes from the sheer fig of days with dangerously blistery temperatures — projected to reach 115 a twelvemonth successful Louisiana by 2050, much than triple the existent number.

The powerfulness plant, built successful a predominantly Black and Vietnamese country of the metropolis already populated with junkyards, motortruck stops and a NASA facility, was sold arsenic a down outgo connected vigor resilience — a warrant that, adjacent if storms chopped disconnected connections to the remainder of the electrical grid, the metropolis would beryllium capable to swiftly occurrence up its ain powerfulness works and nonstop energy to hospitals, nursing homes and astatine slightest immoderate of the neighborhoods sweltering done the aftermath of a almighty summertime storm.

It was a expansive gamble: a $210 cardinal committedness to fossil substance exertion successful a metropolis that had already go a nationalist awesome of the perils of clime change.

From the beginning, Entergy officials cautioned that the caller works would beryllium capable to powerfulness lone a tiny information of the city, adjacent successful the champion of circumstances. But wherefore it took truthful agelong to ramp up and however an full U.S. metropolis could person remained without powerfulness for truthful agelong is present the taxable of extended finger-pointing and blame, with the metropolis pledging a afloat probe that could instrumentality months.

Entergy officials said the inferior was facing large harm to ample parts of its transmission and organisation web that made it hard to afloat reconstruct powerfulness to the metropolis adjacent aft the caller gas-fired works was yet started up connected Sept. 1, much than 2 days aft the tempest hit.

“Was it a panacea? No, thing is,” said Charles Long, the acting vice president for transmission astatine the company. “But it decidedly made a immense affirmative difference.”

A set of residents and nationalist biology groups had argued that it was much urgent than ever for the metropolis to diversify its vigor approaches, including investing successful bulk artillery retention and star energy, hardening transmission infrastructure and minimizing wide demand.


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“We, the citizens and the ratepayers that were against the plant, were correct,” said Dawn Hebert, the president of the East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission. In speech for accepting different concern works successful their neighborhood, she said, New Orleans East residents had been promised they would person much reliable power. Instead, erstwhile Ida hit, “New Orleans East was not powered up.”

Entergy had an uphill ascent to merchantability the metropolis connected its plans from the clip it archetypal projected the existent mentation of the works successful 2017.

That the City Council had the sole authorization to o.k. the works was unusual: An interior metropolis watchdog found successful 2015 that New Orleans was the lone metropolis successful the United States charged with regulating an investor-owned vigor inferior successful a authorities wherever determination was already a authorities bureau — the Louisiana Public Service Commission — that could bash so.

The statement has afforded New Orleans a ample measurement of section control, but has besides allowed Entergy to debar nonstop oversight by vigor regularisation experts.

Many residents of New Orleans East were against the plant, informing that the determination would marque it susceptible to flooding. But the City Council besides heard affirmative testimony, successful portion due to the fact that a steadfast hired by Entergy paid actors $60 apiece to spell to Council meetings and unreal to enactment the development, an amerciable maneuver that led to a $5 cardinal fine.

“They were operating successful salesman mode,” said Karl Rábago, who antecedently served connected the Public Utility Commission of Texas. “They were trying to merchantability this powerfulness works connected the ground of 1 diagnostic but they were little than implicit successful explaining the vulnerabilities and the limitations of their claims.”


Credit...Johnny Milano for The New York Times

Entergy argued that the works would service arsenic a “peaking” installation to run during periods of precocious demand. And with its achromatic commencement capability, it would besides beryllium capable to repower parts of the metropolis each connected its ain aft a blackout, adjacent if New Orleans was chopped disconnected from its accustomed sources of electricity.

But erstwhile each of the 8 transmission lines that vessel powerfulness into the metropolis took dense harm during Ida, determination was nary achromatic start. The metropolis sat acheronian for much than 50 hours, and adjacent erstwhile tiny pockets of powerfulness began to return, it was due to the fact that 1 of those transmission lines had been repaired.

Why the achromatic commencement did not hap is 1 of the questions to beryllium answered during the upcoming investigation. Ms. Moreno, the City Council president, said the Council would beryllium trying to larn “whether the erstwhile Council was oversold connected what this works could oregon could not do.”

Environmentalists and different advocates who were calling for greater reliance connected locally generated renewable vigor had been skeptical of Entergy’s promises from the beginning.

Logan Atkinson Burke, the enforcement manager of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, a user inferior nonprofit, warned prophetically astatine 1 City Council gathering successful February 2018 that a tempest aggravated capable to bring down each of the transmission lines “would person specified a catastrophic impact” connected the fragile electrical lines wrong the metropolis that the works “would beryllium of precise small help.”


Credit...Johnny Milano for The New York Times

Entergy has travel nether occurrence for years for failing to adequately support its organisation network. In 2019, the City Council fined the institution $1 million aft uncovering that it had failed to decently support energy poles and wires pursuing a bid of powerfulness failures betwixt 2014 and 2017. The institution reduced its concern successful the organisation strategy by $1 cardinal successful 2014, which was followed by an summation successful the magnitude and frequence of outages.

Deanna Rodriguez, the main enforcement of Entergy’s New Orleans operation, said the institution had not misled the metropolis astir the caller state plant’s capabilities.

“I don’t cognize what they understood astatine the time, but I bash cognize what we presented astatine the time, and I deliberation we were close successful our presentation,” Ms. Rodriguez said.

The plant, erstwhile it started, provided powerfulness to parts of the metropolis that would different person stayed acheronian for overmuch longer, she said.

“There’s a batch of misinformation retired determination that led radical — not america — to judge that it would someway powerfulness the full city,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “The works worked. It was the close exertion astatine the clip it was selected, it performed brilliantly during the storm.”

Entergy officials said the institution could person tried a achromatic commencement aft Ida but decided against it aft learning that 1 of the damaged transmission lines — from Slidell, conscionable northeast of New Orleans — could beryllium repaired successful astir the aforesaid magnitude of clip it would instrumentality to make an “island” grid successful the metropolis that could accommodate powerfulness from the caller works without a damaging load imbalance.

They said the achromatic commencement capableness is much apt to beryllium utile successful a condition wherever a tempest passes adjacent New Orleans — cutting disconnected powerfulness coming into the metropolis from elsewhere — but does not demolish organisation lines wrong the metropolis the mode Ida did.

“We could person done it, we were prepared to bash it,” Mr. Long, the Entergy vice president, said. “It conscionable wasn’t the champion choice.”

Entergy officials person continued to importune that relying connected locally generated renewable powerfulness to tide the metropolis done a hurricane remains a tube dream.


Credit...Johnny Milano for The New York Times

While astir 38 percent of the energy provided by Entergy to New Orleans comes from non-fossil-fuel sources — mostly atomic — the star vigor produced wrong the metropolis has the capableness to produce, astatine best, astir 5 percent of the city’s highest vigor demand, vigor experts said.

“If you privation to plan a strategy that tin withstand a Category 5 hurricane, and each idiosyncratic person their lights backmost the adjacent time — with today’s technology, it’s conscionable unaffordable,” Mr. Long said.

Some experts accidental that implicit time, investing successful renewable vigor pays off. And Entergy’s statement does not beryllium good with galore residents, including Ms. Williams, who accidental determination is nary much clip to wait. She and astir 200,000 different customers person been paying higher powerfulness bills each month to money the caller powerfulness station. Sitting this week successful her surviving room, wherever it had taken 8 days for the powerfulness to travel backmost on, she felt she did not get what she paid for.

“It doesn’t substance if the works is determination oregon not,” she said. “We inactive person problems.”

Ivan Penn contributed reporting.

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