Opinion: Greg Abbott’s Rape Remarks Epitomize Misogynistic Republicans

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Over the past 15 years, astatine least, Americans person had to perceive to immoderate of the astir bizarre comments, and outright lies, from Republican men explaining wherefore they person the close to predominate women and power their bodies and reproductive health. Texas Governor Greg Abbot did precisely what each spiritual Republican power freak has done for implicit a decennary and delivered an over-the-top justification for signing a spiritual measure into instrumentality giving fanatical spiritual Americans power implicit Texas’ women’s bodies.

There has been rather a spot of outrage implicit Abbot’s rape remarks implicit the past mates of days, but unluckily helium hasn’t been asked the close follow-up questions that would compel him to uncover the existent crushed achromatic Republican men person been connected a crusade to power American women.

When the taxable of Texas’ termination prohibition came up regarding  its draconian inclusion of nary exceptions for rape and incest, Abbot opened himself up for a due verbal assault. He insinuated that six weeks aft being raped is much than capable clip for a pistillate to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and that helium had a amended solution; helium would enactment an extremity to rape due to the fact that “it’s a crime.” He said:

“Let’s marque thing precise clear: Rape is simply a crime. And Texas volition enactment tirelessly to marque definite that we destruct each rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going retired and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them disconnected the streets.”

So, just enough. Everyone knows rape is simply a crime. But if Abbot thought helium could bash thing to halt it arsenic Texas governor, past what the Hell has helium been doing for the past six years?

According to Statista, determination were astir 15,000 rapes successful Texas successful 2019 alone; the astir of immoderate authorities successful the nation.

It is noteworthy that successful 2019 Abbot had been politician for 3 years. Where was helium and wherefore didn’t helium “eliminate each rapists from the streets of Texas” earlier astir 15,000 women suffered convulsive intersexual assaults successful 2019. If stopping rape was arsenic casual a task arsenic Abbot pretends it is, wherefore didn’t helium get up disconnected  his lazy down and halt it during his archetypal period successful bureau successful 2015?

And portion helium was astatine it, wherefore didn’t helium prosecute men blameworthy of incest oregon monsters guilty of day oregon statuatory rape?  It is arsenic evident to anyone with a pulse that astir rapists are not carousing the streets of Texas arsenic it is that  Abbot cares thing astir supporting a woman’s basal quality close to power her ain body.

Then determination is the small contented of joined men raping their wives, what is commonly known arsenic “”spousal oregon spouse rape.” Everyone knows it occurs much than astir radical privation to admit. If stopping rape is specified an casual task, Abbot has had six agelong years to bring marital rape to a screeching halt, but helium hasn’t and the crushed is perfectly clear: due to the fact that helium is not the slightest spot funny successful stopping, overmuch little preventing, rape of immoderate kind,  

Also, if Abbot was being sincere, and lone a fool believes helium knows however to beryllium honest, past helium would person spent a time oregon truthful of the past six years stopping evangelical preachers from sexually molesting (raping) young girls. Despite the Herculean effort to screen up the clergy’s intersexual predation problems, determination has been nary tiny fig of reports and convictions of Texas spiritual leaders raping young girls. If Abbot was a basal up feline and meant what helium said no-one would ever again spot reports of Texas pastors being brought to justice, aft the fact, for rape.

Abbot doesn’t attraction astir women oregon girls being raped, fewer of the achromatic Republican men attempting to power American women do. He has made that abundantly wide implicit the past six years.

In fact, according to records determination are astir 2,000 unprocessed rape kits sitting idle close now. If Abbot cared astir rapists being held accountable for their filthy crimes against humanity, helium would person issued an enforcement bid upon being sworn successful arsenic Texas politician to instantly get the rape kits processed, spell hunt down the perpetrators, and effort them for rape. But helium didn’t due to the fact that getting escaped of rapists lone entered his caput erstwhile helium was confronted with the hideous information astir Texas’ prohibition connected abortion.

House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made immoderate quality by dressing down Abbot for his alleged “ignorance” astir a woman’s biologic functions regarding reproduction; everything she said was honest-to-dog truth. However existent her remarks, they missed the constituent of this full issue.

Whether a pistillate discovers she is large astatine six days, six weeks oregon six months, nary antheral has the close to power whether she carries the fetus to afloat word – not her husband, not her preacher, not her daddy, not her member and surely not the misogynist sitting successful the governor’s mansion. For dog’s sake, Abbot is successful his mid-sixties truthful helium astatine slightest has a rudimentary knowing astir quality reproduction. He damn definite knows it tin beryllium initiated by a convulsive intersexual assault;  something helium claims is simply a transgression but thing helium has done thing astir for six years; including sitting idly by portion rape kits beryllium unprocessed.

If Abbot wasn’t a liar, helium would antheral up, basal up, and archer women connected nationalist tv that helium believes they bash not person the close to power their ain bodies, overmuch little their reproductive health. In Abbot’s worldview, those rights beryllium to spiritual Republican men and that is the secondary crushed determination is immoderate benignant of battle connected a woman’s close to choose. The superior reason, of course, is that Republican men are archetypal and foremost misogynist pigs.

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