Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King take a 'Joy Ride'

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(CNN)Fifteen years aft their cross-country car trip, besties Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King person deed the roadworthy again.

The vaccinated buddies took a "multi-stop escapade done Santa Barbara," dubbed "The OG Chronicles: Joy Ride."

King did each of the driving this clip around.

    "Tell the people: You don't similar to merge," King tells Winfrey. "You don't similar to walk cars! You don't similar to beryllium connected the highway!"

      "That's wherefore I'm not driving," Winfrey quips.

      We larn immoderate amusive facts, similar however King has joined Winfrey and her spouse Stedman Graham connected each abrogation the mates person taken since King got divorced successful 1983.

      "The 3 of america person had a fantastic time," King said. "If I was the 3rd wheel, I didn't cognize it! If Stedman didn't similar me, that would've been tough."

      Her champion person and her beingness spouse getting on was a non-negotiable for Winfrey.

        "If Stedman didn't similar you, Stedman wouldn't person lasted," she said. "Husbands and boyfriends travel and go. Best friends past forever."

        The three-part bid debuts contiguous connected OprahDaily.com

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