Pangai Jr to join Bulldogs on $2.2 million deal

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Canterbury's rebuild has received yet different large boost with Tevita Pangai Jr reportedly acceptable to motion a monster $2.2 cardinal woody with the club, rejecting overtures from the Wests Tigers.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, Pangai Jr volition motion a three-year woody with Trent Barrett's broadside aft being granted an aboriginal merchandise from his Brisbane Broncos contract.

The reported acquisition of the 25-year-old is the 2nd coup successful a substance of days for the Bulldogs, aft the nine unveiled league icon Phil Gould arsenic its caller General Manager of Football.

While Gould is understood to person spoken to the youngster, according to the SMH, helium refused to instrumentality recognition for the imaginable signing.

"As I recognize it, anterior to my announcement connected Friday, they were good down the way with negotiations," helium told Nine's 100% Footy.

Tevita Pangai Jr volition articulation what is dilatory but surely becoming an imposing looking roster for the Bulldogs (Getty)

"I wasn't progressive successful these discussions, it was thing that was done by the president and the coach.

"There's nary uncertainty he's a talent. I don't cognize what's happened astatine the Broncos and wherever he's vocation has gone disconnected the rails up there, but I retrieve erstwhile [Wayne] Bennett was coaching the Broncos, helium was a ace player, helium looked similar being anything.

"You don't suffer your talent, I've ever said that, and if it comes to fruition and the bulldogs marque an announcement this week it volition beryllium great, and helium volition beryllium a large acquisition for them"

Pangai Jr joins a fig of stars who person committed to helping the Bulldogs erstwhile again go an NRL powerhouse from 2022 and beyond.

Gould believes Pangai Jr is inactive 'a talent' contempt his signifier tailing disconnected implicit the past fewer seasons (Getty)

The Broncos enforcer joins Penrith's Matt Burton, Storm and NSW Origin prima Josh Addo-Carr arsenic good arsenic Matt Dufty and Brent Naden arsenic the large names to articulation Barrett's squad for adjacent season.

News of Pangai Jr's impeding accomplishment astatine Belmore comes aft he admitted the Broncos had told him helium was "free to look elsewhere" earlier this season.

"Players person to beryllium held accountable for the results that we've been tossing up, truthful if that's maine I person to look elsewhere," helium said past month.

"I conscionable person to instrumentality it time by time and week by week and spot wherever my aboriginal is.

"I don't cognize (where my aboriginal is). I haven't thought astir that. I thought I was connected declaration but contracts don't mean overmuch these days. I've got to bull it connected the chin and get my manager to bash his job."

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