Parasite evolution is making it harder to detect and treat malaria

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By Michael Le Page

3d illustration of humor  cells and Plasmodium sp. parasite

A conception illustration of humor cells and Plasmodium parasites

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Cheap accelerated tests for malaria person helped thrust down the prevalence of the disease successful galore parts of Africa. But conscionable 15 years oregon truthful aft their introduction, “stealthy” malaria parasites person evolved that tin nary longer beryllium detected by the modular accelerated tests.

“This is simply a large menace to malaria control,” says Jane Cunningham astatine the World Health Organization Global Malaria Programme successful Geneva.

In galore African countries, lone radical whose accelerated trial results are affirmative get treated. But successful Eritrea astir 2016, wellness workers noticed that galore children who appeared to beryllium really sick with malaria were investigating negative. When medics looked astatine humor samples nether a microscope, they could spot galore of the children were so infected.

“It was a situation situation,” says Cunningham. “They thought determination was thing incorrect with the test.”

Instead, her squad recovered that up to 80 per cent of the malaria parasites successful the country person mutations that mean they nary longer nutrient the 2 proteins – called pfhrp2 and pfhrp3 – detected by the accelerated tests.

“Continued usage of these accelerated tests is selecting for [parasites without the 2 marker proteins] to proliferate,” says Cunningham.

Her squad past did a survey successful neighbouring Ethiopia. “We didn’t find arsenic precocious a prevalence arsenic successful Eritrea, but we recovered truly concerning levels,” she says.

Evolution is often a trade-off, with mutations that supply an vantage successful 1 mode being a disadvantage successful another. But the parasites look to thrive without the pfhrp proteins, whose relation isn’t known.

Areas with the mutant malaria parasite are switching to tests that observe different protein, but these tests aren’t yet arsenic reliable – they are little vigor stable, for instance. Switching to microscope detection isn’t an enactment successful astir places arsenic it requires costly instrumentality and skilled technicians.

Ideally, says Cunningham, accelerated tests would look for respective biomolecular targets successful the parasites astatine once, and ones that play a cardinal relation successful the biology of the organisms, truthful it is hard for them to mutate. But this makes tests much analyzable and expensive.

It is communal for viruses, bacteria, parasites and cancers to germinate absorption to treatments, but evolving to evade a trial is overmuch much antithetic – this mightiness beryllium the archetypal wide example. Some hepatitis B viruses person mutations that mean they are missed by tests, Cunningham says, but it isn’t wide if this is owed to enactment arsenic a effect of testing.

Some countries are present utilizing accelerated tests to observe the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which successful mentation could germinate to evade them.

Journal reference: Nature Microbiology, DOI: 10.1038/s41564-021-00962-4

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