Remove a Confederate Statue? A Tennessee City Did This Instead.

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Some residents privation the monument removed. In the meantime, Franklin, Tenn., erected a statue of a U.S. Colored Troops soldier, broadening the mode the assemblage memorializes the Civil War.

Hundreds of radical   gathered for the unveiling and dedication of a United States Colored Troops statue successful  Franklin, Tenn., connected  Saturday.
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By Jamie McGee

Photographs by Sarahbeth Maney

Oct. 24, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — For decades, erstwhile Hewitt Sawyers drove past the monument of the Confederate worker lasting gangly successful his city’s nationalist square, helium felt the value of slavery’s agelong shadow.

Mr. Sawyers, 73, had attended a segregated schoolhouse successful Franklin, astir 20 miles southbound of Nashville. He work from torn books passed down from the section achromatic precocious school. The courthouse offered a “colored” h2o fountain, and the movie theatre did not invited him connected the little floor. As Confederate monuments crossed the South began to travel down aft a 2017 achromatic nationalist rally successful Charlottesville, Va., helium wanted the 37-foot section statue, known arsenic “Chip,” gone, too.

“Chip represented a ample portion of the crushed I was not portion of the downtown arena,” Mr. Sawyers, a Baptist minister, said. “Every clip I went astir that square, it was a reminder of what had gone on.”



Mr. Sawyers and like-minded residents did not get the statue removed, but they person travel up with a provocative effect to it: a caller bronze statue successful Franklin’s nationalist quadrate depicting a life-size worker from the U.S. Colored Troops, mostly Black regiments that were recruited for the U.S. Army during the Civil War.

The caller monument, which was unveiled Saturday earlier a assemblage of hundreds, and 5 precocious added markers archer the communicative of the marketplace location wherever enslaved radical were auctioned and the relation that section Black men played successful warring for their freedom. Dubbed the Fuller Story, the four-year task led by Mr. Sawyers and 3 different section residents expanded the communicative of wherefore and however the warfare was fought.

“Here is simply a Black antheral who was enslaved, who gave his beingness to spell retired to assistance escaped different people,” Mr. Sawyers said. “To beryllium lasting here, now, successful the look of a statue that represents enslaving those radical and to cognize that, due to the fact that helium was consenting to bash that, we won — what a almighty message.”

Franklin, a metropolis of astir 80,000 people, is successful the wealthiest and fastest increasing region successful the state. Long known for its wide swaths of greenish pastures, it is present an economical hub for large corporations. Much of its tourism and individuality centers connected Civil War landmarks, with visitors touring Carnton, a workplace that became a tract infirmary and burial crushed for Confederate soldiers, and Carter House, a Confederate location engulfed successful the gruesome Battle of Franklin. The seal of Williamson County, wherever Franklin is located, includes a Confederate emblem and cannon.



That the Fuller Story task gained unanimous support from metropolis officials marks a important improvement successful however the assemblage memorializes the Civil War.

“It was agelong overdue to archer radical not conscionable the U.S. Colored Troops communicative but this precise impactful communicative of the Black acquisition during the war,” said Eric Jacobson, a section historiographer who worked connected the project. “A batch of radical conscionable didn’t cognize astir it.”

Dana McLendon, a metropolis alderman for 24 years, called it “probably the azygous astir important happening we’ve ever done.”

The effort began successful 2017, successful effect to the racist unit successful Charlottesville, erstwhile a achromatic pastor, Kevin Riggs, said astatine a nationalist gathering that it was clip for the section Confederate monument to travel down, a connection that was met with decease threats and aggravated dependable message messages.

Supporters besides became cognizant of the ineligible hurdles they would face. The Confederate monument had been determination since 1899. It was installed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, with the figure’s chapeau chipped successful the process, creating its enduring nickname. A 2013 authorities instrumentality had imposed caller restrictions connected removing memorials.




Mr. Jacobson had an alternate idea: Rather than focusing connected removing the Confederate statue, helium said, Franklin should stock stories of section African Americans applicable to the Civil War. The radical yet raised $150,000 successful backstage donations to marque it happen.

The 5 markers placed successful beforehand of the courthouse and by the square’s halfway were erected successful 2019. The ample placards picture the experiences of African Americans before, aft and during the warfare and see photographs and illustrations from that era. One includes advertisements for auctioning enslaved radical for currency oregon credit.

“You tin perceive each these romanticized, ‘Gone With the Wind’ stories of slavery, but present is the reality: Where you are standing, men, women, boys and girls were bought similar cattle,” Mr. Riggs said. “This happened.”

Joe Frank Howard, a sculptor from Columbus, Ohio, created the U.S. Colored Troops statue, named “March to Freedom.” The worker stands with his ft planted connected a histrion stump and holds a firearm crossed his knee. Broken shackles laic nether him. The rubric refers to the marching of the soldiers earlier conflict but besides encompasses the marches that took spot passim the combat for civilian rights, said Mr. Howard, 73.

“The archetypal measurement toward existent state for radical of colour successful America was that war,” helium said.



About 180,000 Black soldiers fought for the United States during the Civil War. Still segregated from achromatic troops arsenic they fought, they often faced brutal consequences if they were captured by Confederates.

“I’ve seen a full batch of Confederate statues successful my day,” said Chris Williamson, a pastor successful Franklin who besides led the effort. “But I person ne'er seen a statue of a United States Colored Troops worker successful person.”

He added, “Image matters. Representation matters.”

There are respective different monuments and a fewer statues crossed the state commemorating Black Civil War soldiers, including memorials successful Boston; Lexington Park, Md.; Vicksburg, Miss.; and Washington D.C. Another is acceptable to beryllium unveiled successful Wilmington, N.C., successful November.

Lecia Brooks, main of unit for the Southern Poverty Law Center, commended the Fuller Story, particularly successful airy of Tennessee’s restrictive preservation laws, but said the 2 statues should not beryllium conflated arsenic offering a balanced presumption of the war, fixed the Confederacy’s purpose to prolong chattel slavery. “They are not the same,” Ms. Brooks said.

Franklin’s elected leaders, agreed connected the Fuller Story’s approval, stay divided connected whether the Confederate statue should beryllium removed.



“Part of what makes Franklin Franklin is our history,” said Alderman Margaret Martin. “He was close wherever helium needed to be.”

Mr. McLendon is among those who would similar to spot it moved to the Carnton cemetery. “If you spell work the words inscribed connected the statue, if it doesn’t marque you much than a small uncomfortable successful 2021, past I guess, possibly spell effort again,” helium said. (“No state ever had existent sons, nary origin nobler champions,” the inscription reads. “The glories they won shall not wane from us.”)

Any effort to relocate the statue is further analyzable by a caller statement betwixt the metropolis and the section section of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which objected to the Fuller Story project’s determination and claimed ownership of the land. The metropolis filed a lawsuit, seeking a judgement connected ownership, and successful a settlement, deeded the radical the onshore straight nether the Confederate monument. Should anyone question its relocation, “we’ll combat that bony and nail,” Doug Jones, an lawyer representing the United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter, said.

Mr. Williamson said helium has received pushback from immoderate Black residents disappointed that the Fuller Story did not spell acold capable successful changing the look of Franklin’s downtown. If others privation to propulsion for the Confederate statue’s removal, that is their prerogative, helium said, but with “March to Freedom” present successful the nationalist square, helium has moved on.

“I’m excited astir the stories we are telling that haven’t been told,” helium said. “I ain’t got clip for Chip.”

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