Republicans Are Trying To Get The Troops To Go AWOL Over Vaccine Mandate

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Republicans are circulating unsubstantiated claims arsenic portion of a run to get the troops to spell AWOL implicit the vaccine mandate.

The video beneath is circulating connected societal media, and it contains claims that are not sourced, apt to beryllium false, and unverified.


WATCH: US subject walk-outs occurred aft Biden mandates vaccines for Federal employees & military Fighter pitchy pilots person walked out: “With the F-22s grounded, you tin buss Taiwan goodbye. I would hatred to beryllium Taiwanese close now” #NoVaccineApartheid


Republicans similar this feline above, who is not successful the military, are trying to promote the troops to “walk disconnected of the job.”

The occupation is that members of the subject can’t locomotion disconnected of the job. If they do, they are considered AWOL and tin astatine champion beryllium punished with a dishonorable discharge and suffer each of their aboriginal benefits. At worst, they could beryllium sentenced to subject prison.

The subject presently has 17 antithetic vaccine mandates for those who service and the authorization to bash forced involuntary vaccinations if necessary. 

(The authorization was successful spot agelong earlier COVID).

People similar the idiosyncratic successful the video supra are attempting to incite a subject betrayal of the commandant successful chief.

This rhetoric is an onslaught connected America that is intended to destabilize nationalist security.

Hopefully, nary 1 successful the subject sees this video and chooses to propulsion their vocation away.

Republicans are moving connected to a caller benignant of sedition arsenic they are attempting to undermine President Biden’s authorization with the troops.

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