Republicans Turned Mississippi Schools Into A COVID Factory As 18,000 Kids Get Sick In A Month

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Mississippi schools were unfastened for 1 period and 18,000 kids got COVID and different 15,000 had to quarantine.

According to Business Insider:

According to authorities data, astatine slightest 18,825 students person tested affirmative for COVID-19 wrong the archetypal period of schoolhouse and much than 15,000 had to quarantine past week alone.

Only46%of Mississippians 12 and older, who are eligible to get the coronavirus vaccines, are afloat vaccinated — 1 of theworst vaccination rates successful the country

Nine children person died successful Mississippi since the opening of the pandemic, and astir 20,000 person been sickened successful a month.

President Biden can’t mandate masks successful schools, which is simply a authorities and section matter, but helium tin promote schoolhouse districts to enforce their ain mandates by assuring them that salaries volition beryllium paid by the national authorities if their politician tries to punish them for enacting a disguise mandate.

As Fox News cries “medical tyranny,” President Biden is doing what helium tin to support kids harmless successful school.

The Mississippi nationalist schoolhouse strategy has agelong been 1 of the worst successful the country. Before COVID, it was underfunded, and present it is successful crisis, and Republicans successful the authorities are refusing to enactment to assistance support kids steadfast and harmless astatine school.

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