Rising gun rejects Swans offer, requests trade

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Gun Swan Jordan Dawson has rejected a semipermanent connection to stay astatine Sydney and requested a commercialized location to South Australia, the nine has confirmed.

The dashing 64-game defender has banked 3 awesome seasons successful succession, with his 2021 run helping the Swans instrumentality to finals shot for the archetypal clip since 2018.

Dawson's superb 2021 play culminated successful the 24-year-old finishing 3rd successful the club's champion and fairest, down three-time victor Luke Parker and two-time champion Jake Lloyd.

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Swans defender Jordan Dawson. (Getty)

"Jordan has indicated to the nine his tendency to instrumentality to South Australia to beryllium person to family," Sydney wide manager of shot Charlie Gardiner said.

"Jordan has been weighing up this determination for immoderate clip and contempt determination being an charismatic semipermanent woody connected connection with the Swans, helium has arrived astatine the determination that helium would similar to instrumentality home.  

"The quality is evidently disappointing for the club. Jordan is simply a young, hugely talented subordinate who is coming disconnected a breakout play successful 2021, which lone adds to the disappointment. 

"Given we person lone learned the quality this afternoon, we volition instrumentality immoderate clip to enactment done the club's options starring into the commercialized period."

If Dawson lands astatine Port Adelaide helium volition reunite with erstwhile Sydney teammate Aliir Aliir, who departed the Swans during the 2020 commercialized period.

The Swans' 2021 play was brought to a adjacent successful a one-point elimination last decision to cross-city rivals the Giants successful Launceston.

Sydney prima Jordan Dawson. (via Getty Images)

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