Teddy's 'confidence' call behind Latrell bomb

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Blues skipper James Tedesco says helium has nary regrets implicit handing Latrell Mitchell a do-or-die punishment effort from the halfway enactment successful Queensland's crippled 3 triumph implicit NSW.

In the end, a 20-18 scoreline saw the Maroons forestall an Origin whitewash, but it could person been a antithetic communicative had Mitchell managed to get a fewer other metres retired of his halfway weaponry to sail the shot done the upright successful the last minute.

Tedesco has since revealed helium was the 1 who yet made the telephone to enactment the crippled successful Latrell's manus aft his erstwhile Roosters teammate enactment himself forward.

It was a no-brainer for the skipper who had regularly watched Mitchell thump conversions connected the grooming paddock from 50 meters.

Latrell Mitchell's footwear (Nine)

"He didn't onslaught it his best. At training, helium hits them from 60m beauteous regularly. It inactive astir got there, helium has a monolithic footwear connected him," Tedesco said.

"I had assurance successful him. If you spot him astatine training, helium kicks them from 50m-60m with ease. It's harder with the unit and anticipation but nary regrets there. He had a ace and it conscionable didn't travel off."

At the clip of the attempt, Maroons fable Cameron Smith admitted helium was "surprised" the Blues opted against kicking for touch.

"He's deed them sweetly tonight, but with the bid already wrapped up, I was a small spot surprised," Smith said.

Andrew Johns supports the Blues' determination to spell for 2 points

"I thought New South Wales whitethorn person looked for a interaction finder heavy successful Queensland's territory and past gone for the triumph with a try."

Mitchell was asked astir the infinitesimal instantly pursuing the match.

"My shorts are a spot tight, I don't know, couldn't get my legs through," Mitchell joked.

"But look, everyone dreams of doing that footwear and is what it is."

Tempers flare arsenic Maroons clasp on

He aboriginal added: "I support the aforesaid routine, a mates of steps and footwear it. There's ever a process, I effort to instrumentality by it. I conscionable didn't link properly.

"I backed myself 100 per cent. I've ever done it. That was 1 of those moments: you imagination it arsenic a kid, the large moments successful the large arena. What amended spot than 50m retired successful an Origin game?

"I've kicked a fewer from determination astatine grooming but I didn't deed it arsenic saccharine arsenic I should person ... inactive astir made it. Bit disappointed but that's that."

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