The heartbreaking reality for Mick Schumacher

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Mick Schumacher says helium would "give up everything" to beryllium capable to stock his motorsport experiences with his ailing father, Michael.

The 22-year-old is successful his archetypal play of Formula One, having won past year's Formula 2 title, and the 2018 European Formula 3 championship.

But those successes person taken spot without his begetter by his side, aft Michael was earnestly injured successful a skiing mishap successful 2013.

The seven-time satellite champion hasn't been seen successful nationalist successful astir 8 years, with his nonstop information a mystery.

Speaking successful the Netflix documentary, Schumacher, to beryllium released connected September 15, Mick said helium would commercialized his occurrence simply to beryllium capable to pass with his father.

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"I deliberation Dad and me, we would recognize each different successful a antithetic mode now, simply due to the fact that we talk a akin connection – the connection of motorsport – and we would person overmuch much to speech about," helium said.

Michael Schumacher with children Mick and Gina. (Netflix)

"That's wherever my caput is astatine astir of the time, reasoning that would beryllium truthful cool. I would springiness up everything conscionable for that."

Mick was conscionable 14-years-old astatine the clip of Michael's accident, 2 years younger than sister Gina.

He looks backmost connected those years anterior to the mishap with a substance of fondness and sadness.

Mick Schumacher is successful his archetypal play of Formula One. (Getty)

"When I deliberation astir the past now, the images that popular up successful my caput are usually of the 4 of america having fun," helium said.

"I spot images of america driving a go-kart successful the meadow. I spot images of america wherever we're retired and about, with the ponies, sitting connected the carriage. Many moments that resonate with joy.

"Since the accident, of course, these experiences, these moments, that I judge galore radical person with their parents, are nary longer present, oregon to a lesser extent.

"And successful my view, that is simply a small unfair."

Mick has had a coagulated archetypal twelvemonth successful Formula One, driving for the uncompetitive Haas team. While the car gives him nary accidental of a decent result, he's been comfortably quicker than teammate Nikita Mazepin.

Earlier this twelvemonth helium drove the car in which his begetter made his Formula One debut, the 1991 Jordan-Ford.

Michael Schumacher during his lone contention for Jordan. (Getty)

He said arsenic a youngster helium wanted to travel successful his father's footsteps, and not conscionable successful motorsport.

"I conscionable person immense respect for Dad. I person ever had that, helium ever had this presence. When helium walks into a room, everyone goes quiet. That's however I retrieve it. And I was besides 1 of those who kept quiet," helium explained.

"But similar I said, my leader erstwhile helium walked into a room. When I deliberation to myself, each clip I look astatine him, I archer myself, 'Yes, that's however I privation to be'."

"Such strength, specified full bid of mind."

Gina besides appears successful the Netflix documentary, reflecting connected her admiration for Michael, and noting however devoted helium was to his family.

Michael Schumacher with woman Corinna successful 2004. (Getty)

"When we went to races with them, and saw each the commotion, saw however galore radical thought helium was large and admired him, I thought that was wholly brilliant," she said.

"Yeah, that's my dad, and I'm truly gladsome he's my dad.

"The item was ever erstwhile helium came home. That was truthful nice, due to the fact that helium utilized to enactment up with america for hours aft he'd got back, though helium was astir apt precise tired. But we didn't announcement that.

"We were conscionable blessed to person him home."

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