Trump Attacks Biden Over Afghanistan in Rambling Fox News Interview

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During an interview with Fox News property Greg Gutfeld, erstwhile President Donald Trump insisted that President Joe Biden’s handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan was a “travesty.” He drew spurious connections betwixt Afghanistan and information on the United States-Mexico border.

“I don’t cognize if helium is simply a bully president,” Trump said. “But I tin archer you the state has ne'er been much unsafe – we person radical pouring successful done the southern border, which radical are forgetting astir due to the fact that of the travesty of Afghanistan.”

“The lone happening bully for them astir Afghanistan is it makes what they’re doing astatine the borderline look good,” helium said. “Because that was the dumbest happening I’ve ever seen. ‘We don’t privation a wall, we don’t privation this, conscionable fto radical travel through’. It’s a disaster. It was the safest borderline we ever had.”

Trump claimed that the Taliban, who seized power of the state past month, bash not “fear” Biden.

“They don’t fearfulness [Biden],” helium said, recalling his negotiations with Taliban co-founder Abdul Baradar, who is presently the acting archetypal lawman premier curate of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“It’s a question of respect and being smart: I dealt with Abdul — He’s present the caput of Taliban and was the caput of the Taliban erstwhile I dealt with him,” helium said. “I started disconnected precise tough. ‘You’re going to wage tremendous consequences…’ It was atrocious – and they understood what I said – and determination was nary mode they were going to bash thing to america – we could person taken our time, 1 twelvemonth oregon 2 years [to withdraw].”

President Biden has defended his administration’s response, saying that the U.S. ngo successful Afghanistan was ne'er intended “to person been federation building,” insisting it had always been astir “preventing a violent onslaught connected American homeland” and “never expected to beryllium creating a unified centralized democracy.”

Trump’s medication had projected leaving Afghanistan by January 15, 2021.

“By May, it is President Trump’s anticipation that they volition each travel location safely — and successful their entirety,” then-national information advisor Robert O’Brien said at the time. “I privation to reiterate that this argumentation is not new. This has been the president’s argumentation since helium took office.”

Trump was mostly supportive of an Afghanistan withdrawal. In April, helium enactment himself astatine likelihood with different Republicans erstwhile helium suggested that American troops should permission Afghanistan up of President Joe Biden’s projected deadline of September 11. The evacuation was completed up of an August 31 deadline.

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