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Peggy Drexler is simply a probe psychologist, documentary shaper and the writer of "Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing American Family" and "Raising Boys Without Men." The opinions expressed successful this commentary are hers. View much opinion connected CNN.

(CNN)Think we're moving past the days erstwhile a woman's assemblage was everybody's assemblage -- determination for the ogling, the analyzing, the commenting on, judging, shaming? We tin ever harbor that anticipation -- but past on comes a communicative similar the 1 this week astir histrion Valerie Bertinelli, who, acknowledgment to the internet, has go the latest personage unfortunate to service arsenic nationalist fodder for trolls.

Peggy Drexler

In a moving video posted Thursday to her Instagram account, Bertinelli describes a remark she received from an Instagram follower who, she said, "decided to constituent retired that I request to suffer weight." The histrion continues, with understandable sarcasm: "See, I don't person a scale, oregon I don't person apparel that I'm trying to enactment connected each time and I don't person mirrors truthful I don't spot what's go of me." Her eyes statesman to water. "So I needed that assistance to fto maine cognize that I request to suffer weight." She pauses, and present she is crying. She lets that soak in. And then, she addresses the commenter directly. "You're not being helpful."

    She adds: "If I could suffer the value and support it disconnected I would, but since I haven't been palmy with that my full full life, astatine 61, I'm inactive dealing with it." And then: "Where's the compassion?"

      In a connection posted with the video, Bertinelli asks: "aren't we bushed of assemblage shaming women yet?!"

      Women cognize the answer. And, of course, galore are peculiarly live to this occupation arsenic they look from 18 months successful assorted levels of lockdown. Besides the carnal (sometimes life-altering and tragic), affectional and economical effects of the pandemic, determination is simply a much mundane, but fraught, effect for many. An American Psychological Association survey recovered that 41% of Americans accidental they gained value during the pandemic, with the "Quarantine 19" (as successful 19 pounds) a benignant of lockdown mentation of the "Freshman 15."

      In her video, Bertinelli addresses her net troll: "When you spot idiosyncratic who has enactment immoderate value on, my archetypal thought it that idiosyncratic is evidently going done immoderate things." That's 1 woman's opinion, obviously. The idiosyncratic who has enactment connected value whitethorn person immoderate fig of perfectly affirmative reasons for it: happiness, an unabashed delight successful the pleasures of delicious food, a determination to eschew punishing diets and alternatively clasp their earthy and beauteous body.

      Britney Spears' deficiency  of autonomy is chilling

      One wishes it were needless to accidental today: Women travel successful each sizes and shapes and our nine (and particularly popular culture) has done tremendous harm implicit the years -- saddling women with assemblage representation issues and eating disorders -- arsenic it has glorified thinness arsenic the preferred state. Her wellness is what is important, and this is an contented that is betwixt her and her doc oregon nutritionist. Period.

      Bertinelli's video reflects, perhaps, immoderate of the complexity of each this. Of course, she owes nary 1 immoderate explanation. Whether she has gained oregon mislaid value is simply nary one's concern but her own. Indeed, unsolicited, idiosyncratic comments similar the 1 leveled astatine her by a alien are, plainly, online bullying successful the signifier of assemblage shaming. Women successful peculiar are often subjected to unsolicited disapproval online (and successful existent life) for being fat, thin, tall, short, small-breasted, busty, excessively "plain," excessively sexy and truthful on, with a scrutiny seldom leveled astatine men. Celebrity women, similar Bertinelli, often person to woody with that benignant of invasive attraction connected a precise nationalist scale.

      The old-fashioned accepted contented has agelong been to disregard bullies -- that the attraction and combat is what they privation -- oregon to ne'er fto them spot they've bothered you. And for years, this is what galore personage women person done -- for appearances' sake, for their careers, to enactment supra the fray and support their larger-than-life personas.

      Even erstwhile personage women take not to disregard the shaming, they are progressively apt to spell connected the offensive. Years ago, successful fact, aft decorator Karl Lagerfeld called British vocalist Adele "a small excessively fat," she told People magazine that she embraced her curves. "I've ne'er wanted to look similar models connected the screen of magazines," she said. "I correspond the bulk of women and I'm precise arrogant of that." In May of past year, Adele debuted a caller appearance, revealing a important value loss. Was she celebrated? By some, yes; others connected societal media said immoderate mentation of: I privation the aged Adele...chubbier, prettier. (Further grounds for women of the pointlessness of paying attraction to immoderate of it.)

       We tin  smash 1  of the defining inequalities of our time

      Other personage women, specified arsenic Alicia Silverstone, Tyra Banks and Margaret Cho person likewise taken flak for their value fluctuations.

      What makes Bertinelli's effect antithetic is her refusal to disregard it oregon play it disconnected with immoderate invited assemblage positivity oregon a "just buzz off" mentality.

      What makes it almighty is her willingness to admit her information and beryllium susceptible successful public: that she has struggled with her value and that knowing that others person noticed hurts. There are countless people, women and men, who cognize what that feels like. She makes it wide this symptom is hers unsocial -- she's unhappy with her body, but she does not connote that others who whitethorn look similar her besides request to suffer weight. She addresses the information that nine is acceptable up to shame and scorn women who are not thin, portion besides recognizing that, precise often, women are their ain harshest critics. They don't request further commentary to announcement their flaws and to bushed themselves up for them.

      Bertinelli's video asks: Why not amusement radical who wounded others what that wounded looks like? In doing truthful -- successful openly crying, her look up successful the camera without constitution -- she issues what whitethorn beryllium an adjacent much empowering connection to others going done the aforesaid thing, whether they are being bullied due to the fact that of value oregon thing else.

        Here is Valerie Bertinelli, a pistillate who has had a agelong and palmy vocation and she does attraction what you think. Because, conjecture what? She's human. Just similar the remainder of us. And she hurts, conscionable similar we each do.

        Bertinelli should beryllium celebrated and looked to arsenic a caller relation exemplary for dealing with bullies. But let's beryllium clear: She's not employing a strategy, she's being real. Bullies volition ever exist. They volition ever question to hurt. The happening is, we don't person to unreal we're good with it oregon look impervious to the symptom of it successful bid to combat back. Not anymore.

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